We are on TUMBLR!!!!!

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If you are checking this, we have moved our online activity to TUMBLR. So please check out dreyteam.tumblr.com for all your latest Drey Team news!

Drey Team "Days Off"

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During the nicer weather months the crew would get together on our days off and go out riding. Some sessions were very relaxed and some were a bit more serious. This mixtape gives you a glimpse into out free time. Everyone is becoming more and more busy with life these days, but we love to ride bike and make time for it whenever we can. So enjoy the mixtape!

Alex D in Cyprus for the Donnasqueaks

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Dude! This kid is so good and honestly just fun to watch. His riding is a nice dose of originality in an otherwise stale array of four peg, freecoaster, same old trick edits out there now. Not to say every edit is like that and that I'm not guilty of embracing that setup. Honestly it's a lot of fun, but watching this kid ride is amazing he's the future of street riding.

Seen on bsdforever.com

Matt Roe for soul bmx

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Matt Roe is so smooth it's not even funny. If I had half his bike control...man

Seen on bmxunion.com

Sean Morr 2014

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Stolen Bikes - Sean Morr 2014 from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

Drey Team homie Sean Morr put in some work for this edit.

Chade Kerley and his Damn Jeans

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If those jeans make you ride like this then I will buy a pair. Chad's riding is really getting very polished. I feel like his trick selection is getting better too. This video is so good that it makes me mad.

Defgrip on UP

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Not sure if this every got posted on here but Drey Team homie Two Brake Tony made a bad ass video and got some sweet clips for this one.

Kyle Davenport for Mutiny

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I really respect Mutiny for all they do. From the products the have to the team they sponsor and the designs they come out with. I feel like as a BMX company they have their heads on straight. Also I really enjoy Kyle's riding... even though he's goofy footed.

Nike in Buenos Aires

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The crew goes in for this one.

Hotel Security

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Saw this one on reddit and thought it was really funny. Enjoy!

Holy athleticism Batman!

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Wow... and I feel like a chump.

Drey Team is Dazed In Dekalb

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We took a trip out to Dekalb last fall and this is what went down.

Weekend Bike Check-in

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Hello all, I know I have been MIA for a little while but I just refreshed my bike pretty heavily and thought it would be cool to share.

So without further ado my bikecheck:

Me: Pat Hageman
Weight: 213lbs
Height: 6ft
Age: 26 

My favorite trick: Luc-e grinds
Favorite brands: United, Éclat, Etnies, Markit, Animal, Odyssey, Tree
Favorite riders: Corey Martinez, Seth Kimbrough, Nathan Williams, Alex Kennedy, Garrett Reynolds, and more.

Recommended shops: Greenbay cycles( Hubbard woods, Sam & Larry), Let's Roast cycles( Noble Square, Logan & Bob), Comrade cycles (Ukranian Village, Burly Gene), Grand Cycle (grand and Harlem, Anna), and Southport Rigging (Kenosha, Tony Looney)

Frame: 21" United bike co Nathan Williams Mothership V2
Fork: United bike co Dinero 
Bars: Odyssey Lumberjack XL's 9"
Stem: Éclat Nathan Williams
Headset: Odyssey Low stack
Grips: Odi O Grips
Barends: Odi plugs
Cranks: Éclat Tibias 170mm
Bb: Odyssey 22mm Mid
Pedals: Éclat Plaza
Sprocket: 25t Tree Light
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Seat: Éclat Oz fat leather pivotal
Seat post: Kink Pivotal
Seat post clamp: United, but currently a Sunday clamp from Bob Delaat @ let's roast
Front Tire: Éclat Control 2.3" 
Front hub: Éclat Dynamic
Front Hubguards: Éclat dynamic 
Spokes: USA spokes 36
Front Rim: 36h G-Sport RollCage
Rear Tire:  Éclat Control 2.3"
Rear Hub: Cult Match RHD 9t 36H
Rear Spokes: Odyssey 36
Rear Left Hubguard: Cult Match
Rear Right Hubguard: Primo PC DSG
Left Pegs: Éclat Nathan
Right Pegs: Animal Butcher 

Modifications: cut bars down to 27.75" and powder coated frame fork and bars from Alex Bedoya

Issue 1

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Do you guys remember this online zine? I'm going to work on Issue 2 soon.

Dan Paley working before the sun sets!

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BSD - Dan Paley - Before the Sun Sets from BSD on Vimeo.

Wow... just watch this one.

Brad Simms in Paris

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Brad Simms bring the fire and gets some amazing footage from Paris.